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2 0 1 5 T R A V E L G U I D E T O C A L I F O R N I A 53 CA.FAMILY FUN Nothing but Fun Pleasures for kids of all ages BY JILL K . ROBINSON California may be big, but the state needs all that space to pack in an endless list of fun for families, which ensures that there's always something for everyone. Choose from theme parks for fantasy and wild fun, natural wonders for an escape from civilization, historical spots for edu- cation and discovery, and famed landmarks for a little extra sparkle. It's easy to find the magical combination that fits your family perfectly. Natural Wonders California's 279 state and 32 national parks, countless wild wonders, and more than 840 miles of coastline all combine to give visitors and locals alike a vast selection of places to go outside and play. Start with Yosemite National Park, the jewel of the High Sierra. Famous for waterfalls, camping, wildlife and granite monoliths, the park is accessible for light experiences as well as serious outdoor activities. Junior Ranger programs are available for eager young naturalists. From Mount Tamalpais State Park near San Francisco Bay to the giant Anza-Bor- rego Desert State Park on the east side of San Diego County, the state parks cover ter- rain from desert to alpine forest. The second-deepest lake in the U.S., Lake Tahoe lures visitors to its shores with its ethereal blue color no matter the season for water activities, hiking or winter snow fun. CALIFORNIA'S BEACHES Up and down the state, the sea draws people of all ages to play in its surf, paddle in its foam and, of course, frolic on its sandy beaches. From the sunny, warm-water stretches of Southern California to the fog-shrouded, cooler climes of the north, the beaches are a natural playground for all manner of fun, whether organized volleyball, sandcastle competitions or simply digging with a plastic shovel and bucket. Bring the kids!

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